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Welcome to The Olivesmith!  Piacere, mi chiamo Nino Sparacia, I'm a 5th generation Sicilian farmer from Partanna, Trapani. A small town on the northwest coast of Sicily of the "Valle del Belice." 

Our quaint estate has been family run for over a century, specializing in Nocellara Del Belice Olives and Catarratto grapes.

  Today, our grove and small vineyard sit adjacent to each other facing east, towards Salaparuta, Trapani.  Our estate specializes in growing the Nocellara Del Belice Olive cultivar.  We have a mix of centennial trees as well as some new additions.  On the grove, you will also find about a half acre of land dedicated to our fruit and vegetable garden maintained for personal family use.  

As a child, all I wanted was to go to "campagna" and work with my dad. As soon as I was able and done with my studies, I was on the farm. My connection with my grandfathers' land grows as deep as the centennial olive trees standing proudly upon it.  To me, this estate possesses the efforts of generations of the men and women in my family. 

Cultivating and farming never felt like work to me. As a child on the grove I never realized I was there to pitch in. The tractor rides, the pruning, harvesting, and even pulling weeds, always felt like an adventure. Learning all that I now know, organically. 

My father, and grandfather taught me never to cut corners.  They taught me to respect Mother Nature. Cultivation is a delicate dance with her and if you get to know her well enough you can prepare for her next move.  Although, at times no matter your best efforts she can take it all away, and still, you go back for more.  They taught me that quality always trumps quantity and that cultivation and farming is slow but rewarding.  Seeing your friends face light up when they have tasted something you cultivated, farmed and harvested is the most fulfilling feeling!


Growing up Sicilian, sharing is a fundamental part of everyday life.  We share our goods,  food, homes, traditions, stories, and our hearts.  This sharing culture is why The Olivesmith was born.  Whenever my wife and I entertain friends we are often asked, "How can we get some of your olive oil?" We didn't just want to sell olive oil, we wanted to create a community and share our experiences.  A CSA that allows you to know your food source.  We knew a Groveshare program would be the answer.  We hope you think so too! 





 The Olivesmith stands for maintaining the traditional and artisanal  methods of cultivation, farming and harvesting shared through the generations of the Sparacia family.  The Olivesmith will bring you, the consumer, closer to the source allowing you to take part in our agro-culture through our Groveshare Olive Tree Adoption program.  With your participation in the Groveshare program you allow the Sparacia family to guarantee the quality that comes with traditional farming and get your Nocellara Del Belice Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives straight from the source in Sicily.


Looking forward to this years harvest with you,




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