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    In the Traditions, Love and Flavors of our Sicilian Olive Grove

    Adopt a Sicilian Olive Tree
  • From Our Sicilian Olive Grove to Your Table

    The Olivesmith believes there is only one way to eat -- and that's  Filiale Corte -- or Farm to Table.  He believes we should know where our food comes from and to build a rapport with those cultivating it, especially if its not coming from our own backyard.

    Adopt a Sicilian Olive Tree
  • The Olivesmith:

    SMITH: noun: maker —often used in combination gunsmith; tunesmith

    OLIVESMITH:noun; An artisan Olive grower that combines century old techniques & traditions to manipulate, support & create a plant that will produce a quality fruit.

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  • Tenuta Sparacia

    You will find the grove nestled nella "Valle del Belice" between Partanna and Salaparuta, Trapani, called "La Contrada Ciafaglione". The grove shares a home with our small vineyard where we cultivate a native Sicilian white grape called Cataratto. Our lollipop-shaped trees are pruned to  produce yearly, allowing the low-swaying branches to be hand-harvested by the Sparacia family for over 100 years.

  • Nocellara Del Belice Olives

    This cultivar is extremely versatile and bold, due to its long-lasting palate and body.  It's a larger fruit, most commonly known as the "Calstelvetrano Olive," often consumed as an appetizer olive.  It produces an acerbic grassy top note with hints of almond and artichoke making it the perfect oil to bring to life a variety of dishes, or, as we love, simply dipping a favorite bread in.  


    By adopting an olive tree you are sustaining small and traditional farming methods in which we specialize in the Nocellara del Belice Olive cultivar.  Our Groveshare program allows you to directly build a relationship with the producer through our CSA. You can expect olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from our grove.  You will receive 3 Groveboxes before the next harvest.

  • "Wise people's houses are full of the best foods and olive oil"

                      -Sicilian Proverb

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